Tuesday, April 17, 2012



I was listening to Erik Satie's Danseries-- a series of his compositions. I read about the one and only love he had whom he called Bique. He proposed to her the night he met her and he considered her his muse. It only lasted 6 months and then she just moved away, leaving his heart broken. His danseries are so light hearted and joyful and they feel like what he felt about her. This pose reminded me of the lyrical and playful quality of their love. I dressed her in white, representing the purity of their short affair, even though it was short lived. Better to have loved and lost...

An OOAK original fantasy doll. She stands 14" tall including her base. Her lovely hair is shorn mohair and her beautiful dress is handmade with 100% silk. She is made from paper clay which is in itself very strong and she as well has a wire armature. She is SOLD.

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